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  1.“看”:look; see; watch; observe; notice; catch sight of; stare; glare; glance; glimpse; see a film; watch TV
  2.“说”:telll sth to sb.=tell sb sth; talk with sb about sth; say sth; speak in English; whisper sth to sb; inform sb of sth; reason /talk/persuade sb into doing sth; bargain; chat; repeat; explain; warn; remind; discuss; debate; figure; declare; claim; mention; admit; deny; describe; announce; introduce; complain
  3.“叫”:cry; call; shout; scream; moan; sigh; quarrel
  4.“问”:ask; interview; express; question
  5.“答”:answer; respond; reply
  6.“听”:listen to; hear; pick up; overhear
  7. “笑”:smile; laugh; burst into laughter; burst out laughing
  8.“哭”:cry; shed tears; weep; sob; burst into tears /burst out crying
  9.“吃/喝”:eat/drink; sip; have a meal; have supper; toast; taste; treat sb to; help oneself to
  10. “穿”:put on; wear; have on; be dressed in; make up; get changed; be in red; take off ; remove
  11.“行”:walk ; run ; climb; jump; skip; slip; come/go; enter; move; drive; ride; fly; crawl
  12.“坐”:sit down; be seated; seat oneself; take a seat,stand; lean
  13.“睡/休息”:lie /on one’s back/on one's side/ on one’s stomach; stay in bed; have a rest; take a nap; be asleep; bend; turn over; rest
  14.“写”:dictate; write sth; describe; drop a line; draw; take down/write down
  15.“拿/放”:take; bring; hold; carry; fetch; lif; put; lay; pull; push
  16.“抓”:take hold of; seize; grasp; scratch
  17.“打”:hit; beat; strike; blow; attack
  18.“扔”:throw; drop; fall; wave; shake
  19.“送”:send; deliver; give; offer; see off
  20.“摸/抱”:ouch; fold; embrace; hug; hold; in one’s arms
  21.“踢/碰”:kick; knock; tip
  22.“找/查”:find; look for; find out; discover/explore; hunt for; search for;seek,seek for in search of; search sb; search sp. for sth; check; examine; test; inspect
  23.“得”:get; obtain; acquire; gain; possess
  24.“失”:lose; be lost /be missing/gone; great loss
  25.“有”:have; own; conquer; occupy;possess
  26.“无”:nothing left; the remaining thing; disappear; be missing /gone
  27.“增/减”:rise / go up,drop; raise; bring down /reduce; increase/decrease
  28.“买/卖”:buy; purchase; afford; pay; pay off ; pay for; sell; on sale; bargain; bill / cheque / cash/credit card/notes/coins; discounts
  29.“存在/消失”:come into being; exist; appear; survive ; live; show; turn up; disappear; die; die out; pass away; be out of sight
  30.“变化”:develop; improve ; become; grow; go+ bad /wrong/ sour;turn + colour; change /change into; reform
  31.“成功/失败”:make it; succeed; make progress; come true; realize one’s dream; win; lose; fail to do; defeat; suffer loss; beat; turn sth. into reality
  32.“努力”:try /manage; make efforts; attempt ; do one's best; do as much as one can to do
  33.祝贺:congratulate sb. on sth.; celebrate; observe; get together
  34.敬佩:admire; respect; show respect for/to; adore; envy ;be jealousy
  35.赞美/批评:praise; think highly of; blame sb for sth; sb is to blame; criticize /scold sb. for sth.; have a low opinion of sb; speak ill of
  36. 喜/恶:like; love; be fond of ; be keen on; be crazy about; adore; be into; prefer; enjoy; dislike hate; ignore
  37.到达:arrive at; reach; return to; get to; stay in sp.; visit; leave; leave for
  38.受伤:hurt ; injure; wound; cut; kill; drown; bleed; get burnt; suffer from; suffer a loss
  39.损坏:damage; destroy; ruin; break down; crash; be broken
  40.修复:repair; rebuild; restore; fix; recover oneself
  41.“认识的过程” :feel; sense; guess; suppose; wonder; doubt; know /learn realize understand remember; be familiar with; recall; recite; apply to
  42.认为;判断:think; believe; consider; find; feel; conclude; infer; doubt
  43.想/考虑:think of…as...; think about; consider; think over
  44.支持/反对:agree; disagree; accept; receive; refuse; turn down; be against; elect; vote for/ against
  45.花费:sth/doing sth+cost; sb+spend+ (in) doing sth; sb+afford +n/to do sth ; It +takes/took some time/ money/energy to do sth; sb pay some money for sth.
  46.省/存钱:save /save up; set aside; put away
  47.参加:take part in; join /join in; attend; compete in/ for/against
  48.控告:accuse sb. of; charge sb. with
  49.救治/帮助:help /help out; save /rescue sb from sth.; treat; cure sb. of sth; aid sb in doing sth / to do sth; help sb with sth;assist sb in doing sth
  50.逃避:run away; escape from; flee; hide
  51.阻止/禁止:prevent / keep/ stop sb. from doing sth; forbid doing sth.; ban; prohibit
  52.对付/处理:handle / do with / deal with /tackle /overcome sth ; solve; settle
  53.效仿:copy; imitate; learn from; learn
  54.爆发/发生:come about; happen to; take place; break out; burst out; go off; explode
  55.安装/装备:fasten; fix; set; equip; be armed with; be equipped with
  56.追求:pursuit; ran after; seek after; chase; catch up with; keep up with
  57.建议:advise; suggest; recommend; propose; urge; demand; persuade
  58. 打算:plan / intend / design to do; be going to do /be about to do /will do
  59.似乎/好象:seem; appear; look like;as if /as though
  60.开办/关闭:open; start; set up; close/close up; end; close down
  1.假期:vacation,holiday,spring break,leave,two days off
  2.旅游:trip,journey, tour,voyage, travel,tourist,passenger
  3. 职务人员:clerk,secretary,passer-by friend,minister,manager,waitress,guest,host,hostess,assistant,customer,adult,neighbor,relative,patient,vet,staff,crew,nurse,teacher,conductor,tailor,sailor,inventor,gardener,guard
  4. 餐馆/定餐/就餐:inn,restaurant,kitchen,menu,bill,order,tip,fork and knife,reserve /book table,taste delicious,salad,vegetables,fruit,tray,napkin
  5.诊所/看病/服药clinic,hospital,take one’s temperature,take medicine/pills,have a fever/flu/headache,doctor,physician,surgeon,specialist,patient
  6.车站/机场:airport,on board,miss the train/bus,catch a train,meet sb.
  7. 身体部位:arm,head,hair,brain,waist,back,shoulder,pulse,wrist
  8. 意志:will,courage,patience,determination,faith,effort,confidence,ambition,energy
  10.优缺点:advantage,disadvantage,strength,weakness,merit,drawback, strong point,shortcoming
  11. 目标aim,goal,intention,purpose,belief,faith
  12. 方式:means,method,way,manner,approach
  13. 身体素质:strong,weak,pale,sick,ill,well,slim,fit,cut weight,put on weight
  14. 图表:photo,picture,graph,drawing,table,line/bar graph, pie chart,draw a sketch(划草图)
  15.文章:reading,translation,essay,poem,paper,novel,fiction article,magazine,newspaper,journal,diary,files
  17.学校活动:match,game,activity,hold a meeting /debate /speech/ ceremony
  20.交通:by train/bus /boat bike,on the train/bus /a bike,drive a car,ride a bike,give sb. a lift/ride
  25.运动比赛:playground,track and filed,pitch,event,game,match,sports,player,coach,judge,jogging,weightlifting,volleyball,soccer
  1. immediate adj 立即的,立刻的,马上
  2. clear adj 清楚的,清晰的
  3.cautious adj 小心翼翼的
  4.vivid adj 生动的,逼真的
  5.exactly adv ①确切地,精确地 ②恰好地,正好地 ③ (用于答语)完全正确。(的确这样)
  6.fortunately adv 幸运地
  7.surprisingly adv 令人惊讶的
  8.hardly adv 几乎不
  9.instead adv 代替,相反
  10. properly adv 适当地;正确地;恰当地
  11. specially adv 专门
  12.reliable adj 可靠的,可信赖的
  13.simply adv 简单地;仅仅,只不过
  14.namely adv 即,也就是
  15.not nearly = far from = nowhere near 远非,远远不,一点也不
  16.patient adj 耐心的;n 病人
  17.plain adj 简单的,朴素的
  18.familiar adj 熟悉的
  19.lucky adj 幸运的
  20.amazing adj 令人惊异的
  21.accidentally adv ①偶然地;意外地 ②附带地
  22.silent adj 沉默的
  23.calm adj 平静的,冷静的
  24.secret adj 秘密的
  25.otherwise adv 否则
  26.meanwhile adv 期间,同时
  27.besides adv 除…..以外还有
  28.efficient adj 高效的,有效的
  29. flexible adj 灵活的
  30.complex adj 复杂的
  31.smooth adj 平稳的,光滑的,顺利的
  32.regularly adv 定期的,有规律的
  33.sensitive adj 敏感的,体贴的
  34.honest adj 诚实的
  35.confident adj 自信的
  36.shy adj 害羞的,羞涩的
  37.thoughtful adj ①深思的,沉思的②富有思想的;经认真推敲的
  38.lighthearted and optimistic adj 无忧无虑而且非常乐观的
  39.nevertheless adj 然而
  40.private adj 私人的(private cars)
  41.personal adj 个人的(personal belongings)
  42.unique adj 唯一的,独一无二的;独特的
  43.favorable adj 赞同的,有利的
  44.precious adj 宝贵的,珍贵的
  45.essential adj 必要的,重要的
  46.worthwhile adj 值得的
  47.physical adj 身体的,物理的
  48.sudden adj 突然的
  49.merely adv 仅仅,只 =only
  50.rarely adv 罕见的
  51.splendidly adj 极好地,灿烂地
  52.increasingly adv 越来越多地
  53.naturally adv 自然地
  54.accurate adj 精确的,准确的
  55.ridiculous adj 可笑的,荒谬的
  56.urgent adj 紧急的,急迫的
  57.shallow adj 浅的,肤浅的
  58.frequently adv 经常地,频繁地
  59.especially adv 特别地,尤其地=particularly
  60.obviously adv 显而易见 =apparently
  61.necessarily adv 必要地,必须地,必然地
  62.generally adv 一般地,通常地
  63.eventually adv 最终,最后
  64.adoptable adv 可采用的,可收养的
  65.acceptable adj 可以接受的
  66.available adj 可利用的,可使用的,可得到的
  67.accessible adj 易接近的,易受影响的,可理解的
  68.relatively adv 相对地,比较地
  69.approximately adv大约
  70.absolutely adv 绝对正确地
  71.punctual adj 守时的
  72.gentle adj 温柔的
  73.neatly adv 整洁地
  74.entirely adv 完全地
  75.highly adv 高度地,非常地
  76.strongly adv 强烈地,坚固地
  77.extremely adv 极端地,非常
  78.reasonably adv 合乎情理地
  79.eagerly adv 热切地;渴望地
  80.badly adv 很,非常
  81.slightly adv 稍微,轻微地
  82.equally adv 平等地
  83.lately adv 最近
  84.enthusiastic adj 热情的;热烈的;热心的
  85.energetic adj 精力充沛的,有活力的
  86.talkative adj ①喜欢说话的②多嘴的③健谈的
  87.impressive adj 影象深刻的
  88.traditional adj 传统的
  89.practical adj 实践的,实际的
  90.similar adj 类似的,相似的
  91.convenient adj 方便的,便利的
  92.sooner or later 迟早,早晚
  93.more or less 或多或少,差不多,几乎
  94.once in a while 偶尔,时不时地
  95.now and then 偶尔,有时
  96. willingly adv 情愿地
  97. unexpectedly adv 出乎意料地
  98.unwillingly adv 不情愿地
  99. unforgettable adj 难忘的
  100.doubtful adj 可疑的;令人生疑的;疑心的;不能确定的
  101. hardly / scarcely adv 几乎不
  102. respectable adj 值得尊敬的
  103. respectful adj 恭敬的,有礼貌的
  104. distinguished adj 著名的;卓著的;高贵的
  105. complicated adj 难懂的,复杂的
  106. awkward/clumsy adj 尴尬的,笨拙的
  107. previous adj 以前的
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