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  blow out 吹熄(灯火)


  break away 突然离开;逃跑,脱身

  break down 打破;发生事故;中止

  break in 训练;强行进入;打断

  break off (使)折断;中断;隔绝

  break out (战争等)爆发;逃出

  break up 打碎;关系破裂


  bring about 带来

  bring down 降低 使倒下

  bring forward 提出(建议等)

  bring in 收获

  bring out 公布;使...显示出来


  build up 树立 逐步强大


  burn out 烧坏;筋疲力尽

  burn up 烧旺起来


  burst into laughter 突然笑起来

  burst out laughing 突然笑起来


  call back 叫回来 收回

  call for 需求,提倡

  call off 取消



  cannot but 不得不、不会不

  cannot help 忍不住、不得不

  cannot...too... 越...越好,再...也不过分


  take care 当心,注意

  take care of 照顾

  take a chance 冒险

  take effect 见效

  take one‘s chance 碰运气

  take charge 掌管 负责


  carry back 运回,使回想起

  carry off 拿走

  carry on 继续开展

  carry out 进行,开展

  carry through 贯彻,进行


  catch on 理解

  catch up with 赶上


  check in 办理登记手续

  check out 结账后离开;检验合格


  cheer up 使高兴


  clear away 把...清除掉

  clear off 消除,摆脱

  clear out 把...清出

  clear up 消除

  close about 围住

  close down 关闭、倒闭

  close in 包围

  close up 关闭、堵塞

  come about 发生

  come across 偶遇

  come down 败落

  come into 进入,得到

  come off 实现、举行

  come on 来吧,开始

  come out 出版,说明

  come through 经历、获得成功

  come to 苏醒 共计

  come true 实现,达到

  come up 走进

  come up with 追上,赶上,提出


  consist in 存在于

  consist of 由...构成

  consult with 与....商量

  contribute to 有助于...

  copy with 对付... 妥协处理

  cry for 哭着要

  cry off 取消

  cry out 大声呼喊

  cut across 抄近路穿过

  cut back 削减

  cut down 砍倒 缩短

  cut off 切掉cut up 切碎

  draw in 把...拉进去

  draw away 拉开 引开

  draw back 收回

  draw up 起草


  deal in 经营

  deal out 分配,分给

  deal with 做买卖,处理

  decide for 做对...有力的决定

  decide on 选定

  devote oneself to 献身于

  die away 变弱

  die for 渴望

  die from 由于...而死

  die out 消失、灭绝

  make a deal with 与...做买卖;和..妥协

  make a difference 有影响,有关系

  dig out 掘出

  dig down 挖下去;掘倒

  do sb good 对某人有益处

  do ones best 尽最大努力

  have sth to do with 和...有关

  drop by 顺便走访 非正式访问

  drop off 睡着

  drop out 退出


  end in 以..结束

  end off 结束

  end up with 以..而结束

  fall back on 求助于

  fall behind 落在....后面

  fall in love with sb 爱上某人

  feed on 以...为食物

  feed up 供给

  figure on 把...估计在内;指望

  figure out 计算出

  figure up 计算....,把...总加起来

  find oneself in 发现自己处于

  find out 查明;找到

  fix one‘s eyes on 注意

  fix up 修补,解决

  get across 使通过

  get along with 与....友好相处

  get away 逃脱,离开

  get in 收获

  get over 克服

  get up 起床


  give away 泄露、 赠送

  give back 归还、 恢复

  give in 屈服

  give out 分发,发出

  give up 放弃、 投降

  give way to 让位于;给....让路

  go about从事,着手做

  go after 追逐 、设法得到

  go ahead 前进、 取得进展

  go by 走过 、依照、 放过

  go over 检查

  go on 继续

  hand down 把...传下来

  hand in 交上

  hand in hand 手拉手

  hand out 分派

  shake hands with 与...握手

  head for 朝....方向走去

  head on 迎面的

  keep one's head 保持镇静

  lose one's head 慌乱

  hear of 听到、 听说

  hear from 接到....的信


  help oneself 自取所需、自理

  help sb with sth 在...帮助,某人

  help sb out 帮助,帮忙

  holdhold back 踌躇 退缩不前

  hold down 压制

  hold on 握住不放

  hold up 举起

  interfereinterfere in 干涉

  interfere with 打扰 妨碍

  joinjoin hands with 互相合作,携起手来

  join in 参加

  join up 参军

  keepkeep away 站开 使离开

  keep back 留在后面 阻止 隐瞒

  keep company with 和...交往

  keep down 控制

  keep from 阻止;使免于

  keep in mind 记住

  keep on 继续进行

  keep up with 跟上 不落后


  bend one's knee to 向...跪下、屈服于

  drop to one's knees 跪下

  knock down 撞倒

  knock off 把..敲掉

  knock out 敲空

  lay down 放下

  lay off停止

  lay out 花费 布置

  lay over 覆盖

  lay up 贮存

  learn from 向....学习

  learn of 听到;获悉...的事

  learn off 记熟 背下来

  leave alone 不管,不理会

  leave out 忽略 遗漏

  let alone 不干涉、更不用说

  let down 放下;降低

  let go 放开、释放、发射

  let out 放掉、发出


  lie down 躺下

  lie in 在于、分娩

  lie on 依赖

  live on 靠...生活

  live through 经历过,度过

  look after 照顾

  look back 回顾 回想

  look for 寻找

  look forward to 盼望,期待

  make up of 由....组成

  make out of 用...制造出

  make up for 补偿

  make fun of 嘲笑

  make away 逃跑